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admission of weakness is a weakness itself.

I'm just a regular everyday normal motherfucker. I like red peppers better than the green ones.
I'm Kerstin. 18, from Germany. I post/reblog basically everything I like and everything that amuses me. If you don't like it, feel free to unfollow.
I'm a friendly an actually very kind person. (Most of the time). I do like a lot of things. Too lazy to explain. You will find out soon enough, once you start creeping my archives. None of the stuff I post is mine, unless stated otherwise. If you still want to follow me after reading this, go ahead. :3
k, bye.

No boyfriend, just Ski jumping, Snooker and Harry Potter.

“You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.”

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Would be cool if you could follow me there too, because i’ll soon be deleting this one.

Hmm, well if you think so, then have a nice new start ♥ :) Be back soon :)

 thank you, i’m working on it :)  ♥

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Why though? haha

 i don’t really know, i just feel like making a new one, because i kind of don’t like this one anymore :P

what what what?! okay …

 i just kind of don’t like my blog anymore and i think it’s time for a new start..

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gooooood ♥ there was supposed to be a heart behind the last message too, but tumblr doesn’t want me to love you :( we have to talk more again ♥

 tumblr is stupid. it has to let you love me! :P   ♥ we definitely have to :D :D  ♥

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 of course i will! i made a list of people i follow right now, so i can follow them again later :3

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I just kind of got sick of this old one..

*le me listening to The A-team by Ed Sheeran*
-Facebook stream whatever-
*le crush is listening to The A-team by Ed Sheeran*

srsly what kind of inception is this?

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Zidne fotografije on We Heart It.


Zidne fotografije on We Heart It.

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